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Key features

Human-level AI notes

You take care of the talking, Nora takes care of the notes. Nora's AI-powered notes are about as accurate as human notes, and they are of course searchable in our AI-powered search.

  • Real-time notes
  • Multilingual support
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AI summaries

What happened in that 3 hour marketing meeting you missed? Sure would be great to just get the bullet points, right? Nora's AI summaries are perfect for quick updates, whether you missed the meeting or just need a refresher.

  • High quality summaries
  • Powered by GPT-4
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Google Calendar sync

You can send meeting invites right from Nora, but you can also use your favorite calendar client. Nora syncs with Google Calendar, so you can use Nora with your existing workflow.

  • Two-way sync
  • Enhanced calendar invites
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Smart follow-ups

Tired of follow-ups that never get done? Nora tracks them for you, and sends smart reminders at just the right time. So everyone comes into the meeting fully prepared.

  • Collaborative assignment
  • Smart e-mail reminders
  • Sticky follow-ups
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Meeting queries

In Nora, every meeting adds to your organizational intelligence. So you can easily find out when a decision was taken, what we promised that client, or what the status of a project is. You ask the questions, GPT-4 answers.

  • Use natural language
  • Ask follow-up questions
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Meeting spaces

Organize meetings around a project, topic, or team. All notes, follow-ups and decisions are available in one place, so the entire team is always on the same page.

  • Sticky follow-ups
  • Mix recurring and ad-hoc meetings
  • Quick access to past notes
  • Invite guests
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Video conferencing

Nora provides built-in video conferencing, with powerful AI features like automatic noise reduction and face tracking. Of course, you can also use your favorite video conferencing tool alongside Nora.

  • No downloads or plugins
  • AI noise reduction
  • AI face tracking
  • Mobile support
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